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German (de, pdf, 12 MB)
English (en, pdf, 12 MB)
Greek (gr, pdf, 12 MB)
Turkish (tr, pdf, 12 MB)
Romanian (ro, pdf, 12 MB)

Game Instructions
Word Hunter (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,6 MB)
Touli (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,4 MB)
Magic Board (de, gr, tr, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Word Jungle (de, ro, tr, pdf, 1,5 MB)
2-3-4 One word more (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 1,1 MB)
Story Cubes (de, ro, tr, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Job City (de, tr, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Story Rab (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,4 MB)
Sms (ro, de, pdf, 0,5 MB)
Crazy Family (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Message Pilot (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,4 MB)
Babylon (de, ro, pdf, 0,4 MB)
Postcards (de, gr, tr, ro, pdf, 0,7 MB)
Light Write (de, tr, pdf, 0,6 MB)

State of the Art report I 01.03.2012
Germany (de, pdf, 0,8 MB)
Austria (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
English (en, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Romania (ro, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Greek (gr, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Turkey (tr, pdf, 0,6 MB)

Final Common State of the Art Report (de, pdf, 0,8 MB)

Analysis of Evaluation Forms (en, pdf, 0,5 MB)

Needs Analysis Evaluation Final Report (en, pdf, 0,4 MB)

Needs Analysis Evaluation Final Report (en, pdf, 0,4 MB)

Kids age 6-10 (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Youth age14-17 (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Teachers (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)

Project Advisory (de, pdf, 2,1 MB)

Piloting (de, pdf, 1,5MB)

Summary Apps (de, pdf, 0,5MB)

Media Coverage
Kronen Newspaper (de, pdf, 0,9 MB) (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Austria-Press-Agency (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Bizz Magazie (de, pdf, 0,1 MB)
ORF Online (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)
ORF Teletext (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Press Report (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Salzburg Game Fair (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)
Salzburger Nachrichten (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Salzburger Nachrichten 2 (de, pdf, 0,5 MB) (de, pdf, 0,3 MB)
Vienna online (de, pdf, 0,25 MB)
Vorarlberg online (de, pdf, 0,25 MB)
Wiener Zeitung (de, pdf, 0,2 MB)
ORF Messe-Telegramm (de, mp3, 1,3 MB)
Lecture - Bilkent Uni (tr, mpg, 27 MB)

Dissimination list (de, pdf, 0,5 MB)