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Successfully piloted Kids2Write games

Word Hunter
touli This is a multilingual CD-ROM-based game which enhances and supports bilingual writing skills of children. Children will search for a bilingual "word treasure" in a virtual garden. In addition they will train their spelling and motoric skills.


This picture book presents Touli, the cat. Touli is cooking a seafood soup for her friends. This game is suitable for bilingual children 6 to 10 years of age. They will train their writing skills in both of their languages.

Magic Board
board Why not replace a modern tablet PC with an old fashioned "magic board"? Children and teenagers are asked to write down names of animals in two languages. The faster, the better! This game links sounds and pronunciation of a language with the letters used for writing.

Word Jungle
touli Syntax, word order and semantic are specific characteristics of all languages. In this game, multi-lingual teenagers will receive five semantic elements and need to build a full and correct phrase using these elements in two or more languages. The five elements will lead them through the jungle!

2-3-4 – One word more
touli Train your vocabulary and linguistic creativity! For this game you need to be quick and creative and you need to come up with the correct solution in two languages.

Story Cubes
touli Children or teenagers will work with five photo cubes. The photos facing upwards on the cubes lead pathways towards a story told and written down in two languages. A sixth cube will bring in activities such as past tense, indirect speech or passive voice. As an alternative, speech bubbles will help to create a comic strip.

touli This bilingual game will help young people to complete CVs and application letters for a job. They have to use different levels of style and idiomatic expressions. In addition, they will learn and write vocabulary of job profiles.

Story Rap
touli This game for children and teenagers is all about rap. Words from different languages will serve as source to write down a story or tale. This story has to be performed in form of a rap. This game will train rhythm, sounds, speed and intonation of different languages.

touli Ever wondered about the codes used in at message? In this game teenagers are asked to translate short-form coded text messages into real standard language in two languages. They have to differ between recipients of a message, level of style and languages.


This app for iPhones and Android-phones consists of five individual games. These games train digital writing skills of young people. In interactive games they will improve their bilingual vocabulary, spelling skills, knowledge of synonyms and mother tongue interference.

The app for Android my be downloaded as Zip 1

130730_K2W.apk is the Android version. Simply copy it via USB on an Android phone, open the data manager, click on the app and allow to install. A tutorial for the installation is available here.

ZIP2 hold the iOS version for iPhones: Download

For the installation on iOS devices:

1.) Download on your PC and unpack
2.) Connect iphone to PC
3.) Start iTunes and drag K2W.ipa into iTunes
4.) You might be asked to click on the app again in iTunes
5.) Synchronize your phone and the app will be ready to start.

Message Pilot
touli In this game children and teenagers will constantly switch between two languages. A word will be written down and will be used in order to train creative skills in written languages and in longer texts.

touli "Guided writing" is a special method to improve linguistic awareness of young people towards linguistic varieties within their own language or languages. Cards with terms have to be used to write down a story in one selected linguistic variety in order to re-write it in a second variety. For Babylon, Romanian German and Standard German serve as an example for this form of guided writing.

touli Postcards with greetings and messages are sent in different languages from one member of a class or group to another member. This game trains writing, reading and understanding of various languages.

touli An innovative and action-based technical game! It trains movements, motoric skills and bilingual vocabulary and linguistic creativity. This game will be played with an iPad. In addition torches or flash lights are used to replace standard pens.


Games which did not "survive" piloting
Some games which went into piloting were found to be too complicated, too boring or too far away from the intended support of writing skills of the Kids2Write target group. Some elements of these games were integrated into other games.

Word Snake – Buchstabenschlange
touli Beads with letters need to be completed into a necklace. Children or teenagers need to complete word and full sentences in two languages. The faster, the better! However, the game took too long to be completed, beads were mixed up between the various groups, the beads were too small and sometimes the string of the necklace broke. Teachers found this game to be too complicated to prepare and to keep in order.

Letter Pennant – Buchstabenwimpel
touli Pennants with a letter indicate the first letter of a word. Children or teenagers need to find as many words as possible in two languages starting with that letter. Players need to have a rich knowledge of vocabulary in both languages. This was found to be too big a challenge during piloting. The number of words was too low in order to reach the originally intended aim of the game.

Linguistic style game - Sprach-Niveau-Spiel
touli This bilingual game intended to train various levels of style, levels of language and written expression. Players found this game too boring and too far away from their daily life and daily use of languages.