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Kids2Write – Tool box to support writing competence
of multilingual children and youth in Europe

Kids2Write develops and pilots motivating learning tools for the promotion of written expression of multilingual children and youth in Europe. The various modules and tools will use methods which children and young people know from games and non-formal learning. Kids2Write intends to present various forms of written expression and forms of writing with special consideration of challenges which multilingual young learners are facing.

The different products will focus on the level of individual development of children and young learners. Some products will target the transition from oral language only to reading and writing. These products will thus address children in primary schools and youth or young adult learners who need to acquire writing competence in a second language at a later stage of life. Other products focus on primary and secondary writing competencies, on media-related forms of written expression, literary writing and forms of hand-written language in difference to machine-written language. Special attention will be paid to writers using two or more languages with varying writing skills in these different languages.

Kids2Write intends to support written expression of language of bi- or multilingual learners in a creative and joyful way. Kids2Write is not a language course and does not concentrate on linguistic literacy (for illiterates) or cure of legastheny or other disorders. Kids2Write is a project to motivate multilingual Europeans to better enjoy the multitude of options of written linguistic expression. The project will rely on traditional games which will help to support writing competence in different languages. Kids2Write will include innovative technology such as writing apps for mobile phone and pads in order to promote written linguistic expression.